Leonhard -eys- Kotschy

sculptor / urbanartist / illustrator

Working in a wide spectrum of visual art forms, Leonhard Kotschy is an interdisciplinary artist mindful to create art to last. Although preferring to stay behind the scenes he has reached a large audience with his work and established himself as a respected artist in different fields. From large-scale sculptures and murals to paintings, graphics, illustrations, storyboards and directing award winning videos he combines a large variety of skillsets, knowledge and passions.

1991 Born in Salzburg, Austria
1998-2001 Primary School in Mondsee
2001-2007 Musisches Gymnasium Salzburg
2008-2012 Technical School of Sculpting and Crafts, Hallein
since 2011 free artist, founding eys company (Vienna, 2017)

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