wolffreie zone

commissioned work

A stopmotion musicvideo for „Von Seiten der Gemeinde“ dealing with the much discussed topic of the return of the wolf in Austria’s forests and rural regions. The track as well as the video don’t take any side nor present a solution in this ongoing debate – it is a satyrical statement on how politicians fail to achieve consent and prefer to scare the community of whatever crosses the border – animals or humans…

Some facts:
about 6000 pictures (24fps) // about 30 fully animate-able puppets // about 7 set-builds // a lot of props // 8 people involved and a lot more helping out // 1 month of planning // 2 1/2 months production // 1 month post-production

The project which has grown almost completely on my responsibility brought together a lot of great and skilled people and has led to the founding of fat green studios, (est 2021)

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